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Friday, 17 May 2013

Begining @ pantnagar

      A new beginning was set up for a person like me yet i was not very sure of the fact that i was ready for this new and fresh start . taking admission to a college not preferred by boys i was about to get. college of home science was itself a demoralizing by its name. but there i was to enter.
most of everything was like the same as in Delhi just a new ways of living your life around lots and lots of girls.they were here there and everywhere and the most shocking thing was - there were no sign of a male student.
I was happy to see girls all around but there was a feeling or a thought you can say that how am i going to manage among all these.
 a person so down like who had a choice to go for journalism or keep doing a hons. in English chose a college only meant for gals.
and biggest tragedy happens when you are at these kind of places with your parents and they seem more confused than you. ain't it???
I looked at mom and her face seemed to me like a big question mark.
she asked-"what if you are the only one to get admitted??"
yes that was funny question..and it was revolving all over my head the whole time.without replying her as i never had any for the question we moved inside .
 to my amazement there were no male professors either. now that was fantastic is what came to my mind that moment.
there were two ladies sitting at a kind of reception desk.
we went to them as they allotted me an ADVISER ( a person who has got every right here at pantnagar to screw you at any moment , any time ; if you try to defy her ). with the definition of adviser lots of pantnagarians might agree.
lets get back to the story..
so the name was shahnaz jahan. oh i beg your pardon it was prefixed with a DR.
hence its like DR. SHAHNAZ JAHAN (please don't ask me how many times did she screwed me in last 4 semesters). now as we moved towards the fee counter i was so relieved ( or heart broken you can say ) to see another guy in total black outfit.


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